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Dialogue of civilizations: alliances are needed to save the world

«If more than 15 years ago in Rio de Janeiro, I spoke about humankind as a species in danger of extinction because of the destruction of the natural conditions of life; today, that danger is even nearer. New and unanticipated problems, created by science, technology and the congenital waste of neoliberalism, have multiplied the political, economic and military risks.»

This is an excerpt from the introduction of El Dialogo de Civilizaciones (Dialogue of civilizations) written by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz and launched on Friday in Havana by Dr. Ismael Clark, president of the Cuban Academy of Science and Dr. Eduardo Torres Cuevas, director of the Jose Marti National Library.

The book, published by the Council of States, is a compilation of two speeches by the leader of the Cuban Revolution, in which he addresses the serious problems faced by humankind as a result of the obsessive hegemonic policies of the United States, and speaks about the only possible solutions to save the planet.

The first address took place at the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, on June 12, 1992. The second was delivered at the closing of the «Dialogue of Civilizations World Conference. Latin America in the 21st Century: Universality and Originality,» held in Havana, on March 30, 2005.

Randy Alonso Falcon, director of the national television program The Round Table, said at the launching that the Rio address is one of Fidel Castros «most well-known and brief addresses» while the second is previously unpublished.

Dr. Ismael Clark said, «I dare to reaffirm that in the development and maturity of the Commander in Chiefs ideas concerning science and its role, one can find an advanced vision of several of the problems facing the world today and their possible solutions.»

Historian Eduardo Torres Cuevas said that in the addresses by Fidel contained in this new book, he suggests that we go beyond a dialogue of civilizations to embrace a dialogue by civilizations, where the idea of joining together to save the human species is central and the only way to achieve this is by fostering the development of ethics in human beings.

The launching was attended by Communist Party Politburo members Ricardo Alarcon de Quesada and Abel Prieto Jimenez; head of the Department of Culture Eliades Acosta; Caridad Diego, head of the Office of Religious Matters; Armando Hart, head of the Office of Jose Marti Studies; and Havana City Historian Eusebio Leal Spengler; also in attendance were Venezuelan Minister of Culture Francisco Sesto, and the ambassadors from Venezuela and Russia.

Source: Juventud Rebelde

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