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Cuban medics for Jamaica

The date for arrival hasnt been agreed, but the medical team is expected to help in areas where professionals are in short supply.

Health Minister Horace Dalley said that these will include pharmacists, medical technicians, radiologists, nurses, biomedical engineers, physiotherapists and others.
The government of Cuba will pay their salaries.

Dalley said the country is short of some of these professionals and they will help in making up the required complement.

This country started accepting Cuban medics in the late 70s.

In June, Dalley said the government was seeking to further strengthen its relationship and co-operation with Cuba in the field of health. He expressed the need for more scholarships from Cuba in the medical, dental and other fields, in addition to post-graduate opportunities in the field of ophthalmology. A request was also made by the minister for some 50 Cuban doctors to be sent to Jamaica to help in the rural areas.

And last year alone, Dalley said, 70 Jamaicans went to Cuba to study medicine, with more expected to go for training this year.

Source: Caribbean Net News

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