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Cuban Artist Amalia Gonzalez Besu exhibits in La Acacia Gallery
The skin is too wide when talking about... tattoos. And this Cuban artist puts so much lyrical strength into her works that, more than painting or drawing on fabric or paper, she makes deep incisions on the surface. So, we could say that she engraves or tattoos all that is touched by her hand and her talent in the magic moment of creation.

Now, Amalia Gonzalez Besus artistic spectrum is full of mazes and she draws love in its wider meaning as if it were life, through the mazes complex spaces. The artist, who has already surprised us once with her Manzanas (apples), comes back with more energy in a very typical of herself line that is able to express itself coherently in diverse techniques. There is no doubt that her work in the last times has changed, something that can be seen in these Laberintos de amor (Love mazes), which are being exhibited in one of the rooms of the La Acacia Galery.

Through these works of art, Amalia Gonzalez Besu shows herself in a full blown period of maturity and originality, brimming imagination, owner of all her resources and, whats more important, full of work. She has always wanted to capture nature and environment (including the man) and make them her property. Cuba is all over her work, and a unique universe took shape in her creations, which currently seem to be like the line where the oldest memories appear.

Her work, which also traps us due to the color, is a fertile field where the traditions blossom, in addition to acrylic, pastel, India ink and collage. At first sight, and as a group, the body of the works resembles filigree or embroidery, but this time made with the brush. Lots of patience and extreme taste for details emerge from all of them. Inside these spaces, the public will discover thousands of symbols where the artist shows many moments-aspects of her life, which as in a movie sequence, pass in front of our eyes.

Just a few drawings from her personal folder would be enough to recognize the mark of this artist, whose work is every time more organic and full of dynamism in its two-dimensional structure.

Her painting is very personal, thats why so many details of her life appear on it. People need to look at her work in detail not to loose the track and being able to go out of these intertwined roads where she speaks to us in a low tone, as in a whisper, about love, life, about what is in front of our eyes and we hardly ever see. Her works of art are poems with thousands of images that take us to a trip to mans history.

Source: By Toni Piñeira, Tribuna de la Habana.

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