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With only three deaths per thousand live births during the first semester of the year, the Cuban eastern province of Las Tunas has reported the lowest infant death rate in its history for January-June period.

The figure is lower by almost three units than the one reported in the similar period in 2006. It was achieved by reducing by 8 the number of deaths, despite an increase of more than 300 births.

Six of the province's eight municipalities have that health indicator at zero, according to information given by Dr. Gladys Salas from the Infant Maternal Department at the local offices of the Ministry of Public Health.

Among some of the factors that have contributed to that advance are the proper function of the maternity home existing in this territory, where with health risks are admitted to reinforce their diet and medical attention.

Located 670 km east of Havana, Las Tunas is among the country's provinces with less development in its healthcare infrastructure. Despite that fact it has succeeded in gradually reducing children's deaths.

About two decades ago, the eastern territory reported 13 deaths per thousand live births, the highest rate of the nation, but over the last three years the rate dropped to less than 6.

Among Third World countries, Cuba has advanced the most in the objective of reducing infant mortality, with a rate over that has ranged between five and seven, similar to those reported by developed nations.

Source: By Hernan Bosch, Periodico26

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