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Two new nuclear magnetic resonance equipment are being manufactured in Cuba to support the diagnosis of patients who suffer from sickle cell anemia, local media reported Tuesday.

This technique, aimed at diagnosing the sickness by analysis of a blood sample, makes it possible to know when a patient is about to suffer a crisis, and makes implementation of the appropriate treatment to reduce pain easier.

Manuel Lores, director of the Medical Biophysics Center in eastern Santiago de Cuba Province, told Granma daily the equipment is a new version of the Giromag 01 Universal Relaxometer.

Resonance equipment will be installed at Santiago de Cuba's Hematology Center and at the Havana National Hematology Institute.

Sickle-cell anemia affects some 250 million people in the world, but only three percent of the Cuban population suffers or carries the disease, affecting mainly Guantanamo, Santiago de Cuba and Havana Provinces.


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