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Clinica Internacional Cira Garcia
Cuba performed the first central nervous system stem cell transplant in the country to a fully paraplegic 32-year patient, who is satisfactorily recovering just three months after surgery.

In statements to acn news agency, neurosurgeon at the Cira Garcia Hospital, Dr. Amado Delgado Gómez, said the patient is already recovering leg movement and can walk assisted by a mechanical device known as ortesis.

Dr. Delgado, who has a master degree in spinal surgery, pointed out that this innovative technique, imported from first-world countries, stimulates the growing of new tissue. As a result, the patient recovers his motor functions after several months of rehabilitation.

The Cuban expert said that some of the illnesses which could be treated with stem cells transplants are Parkinson Disease, cranial disorders, congenital malformations, Alzheimer Disease, multiple sclerosis and other conditions under study, such as the hereditary ataxia.

The first central nervous system stem cell transplant was carried out five years ago in Massachusetts, the United States. This complex surgical operation is internationally valued at 20.000 dollars.

Dr. Delgado pointed out that this experience will be further extended to several hospitals throughout the island, despite the high cost of this technology, which exceeds the 60.000 dollars.

The multidisciplinary group that carried out the operation was made up of neurosurgeons, anesthetists, hematologists and nurses. They applied the endoscopic method and used monoclonal antibodies produced in Cuba.

Stem cell transplants are also used in the treatment of breast cancer, heart attacks, embryonic tumors, as well as in the cloning of organs and in orthopedic surgery.

This medical research study was presented on Friday at the 16th Forum of Science and Technology, underway at the Havana-based Cira Garcia hospital, where 136 papers are being presented until Saturday to promote the recovery and saving of resources by means of technological innovation.

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