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Cuba looks at leptospirosis

The situation of leptospirosis in Cuba, actions, results and analysis of a vaccine against that bacterial infection, are issues to discuss in the Nacional Congress on this disease starting yesterday in this capital.

Doctor Jose Antonio Fraga Castro, director of LABIOFAM (Biological Pharmaceutical Laboratories), said that over 200 delegates from the island are due to debate in the two-day meeting what the country has so far done to fight this disease.

Participants in the event will also propose new projects to support other Caribbean countries.

10. A team from Pinar to International Physics Olympiads

For the first time in history, three people from Pinar del Rio- two students and a teacher- integrate the Cuban team to the Physics Olympiads, an outstanding result of science in the territory.

Cuba will be solely represented by a contestant in the Olympiads that will be held in Iran, since July 13 to 24. Luis Felipe Ponce Alvarez of Pinar del Rio municipality was the chosen one.

Juan Jose Bosque Ledesma, coordinator of the provincial centre of contests, informed us that Daniel Miravet Montañez, from La Palma municipality will participate in the Iberoamerican Physics Olympiads in Cordoba, Argentina, from September 28 to October 8, and he will be the captain of the Cuban team in that knowledge competition.

Jesús Cardoso Zambrano, the professor, will participate as the trainer of the team in the above mentioned tournament. This teacher has been the national team trainer for 10 years.

The team dedicates this result to the 30 anniversary of the IPVCE Federico Engels, the centre where the members of the team study, that will be celebrated next year. For the celebration the Young Communist League, the Federation of High School Students and the rest of the organizations are making several initiatives, among them to rescue the history of an institution inaugurated by Fidel, aimed at a future of men of science, committed to their nation and the interests of the people.

Source: By: Zenia Regalado, Guerrillero

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