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Brisbane Solarola Kilns

(OPENPRESS) June 23, 2007 -- Enviro-Forest Solutions Ltd announces launch of its new website to provide information to people that are interested in environmentally friendly timber processes for delivering sustainable, technically superior and innovative timber products.

This company has commercialisation rights for an advanced solar drying technology that will soon take the world by storm.

The revolutionary, unique technology not only vastly reduces heating energy inputs and massively reduces greenhouse gas emissions, but it also reduces the cost of drying products AND improves quality-value outcomes and improves profits from the process.

The mysteries of solar drying and why it produces superior quality-value results have until recently been known but little understood. Some inkling was gained by early Australian and New Zealand researchers in scientific tests conducted in 1992. Australian Choice Timber Supplies P/L has taken this understanding and practise to new and practical levels.

As part of a significant pending Australian Research Council grant application for a collaborative research project (involving solar and cyclic drying) between ACTS and University of Sydney, an eminent early researcher of solar drying Professor Langrish who was involved in the 1992 research has stated that: "The global significance of this project is that the development of this technology will place an Australian company, Choice Timber, at the forefront of the worldwide direct use of solar energy for processing materials" and "The project will position Australia at the leading edge of applying solar energy directly to the processing of materials"

The technology has strong potential as a drying system for fruits, foodstuffs and many other every-day consumer products. Past clients with our earlier underdeveloped technology repeatedly report higher quality outcomes from their kilns.

The website provides information including details and links to two other websites that provide readers with an understanding of an exceptional investment opportunity that is now active.

Further information on these revolutionary new developments can be gained from viewing the following websites:

Recently, during an interview in May 2007, regarding the arrival of the first prototype unit, purchased by the Department of Ozone and Environment in Fiji, Mr Greg Weir, CEO of Enviro-Forest Solutions Limited said "Whilst demand for our product is gathering strong global interest and momentum, our commercialisation focus is maximisation of our vast competitive advantages in production of quality timber products by developing timber manufacturing operations that will return markedly higher profit than conventional operations that do not have access to our superior technology."
Mr Weir also stated that "World leadership in timber manufacturing is our primary goal, whilst at the same time also we wish to gain recognition as being a major contributor to a greatly improved global environment."

Contact Information:
Enviro Forest Solutions Ltd
Greg Weir (CEO)
61 3 97616645
[email protected]

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