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Yumari González
"I am going to ride faster than ever, I am going for something big in the World Championship". It was a challenging statement by Cuban pedalist Yumari Gonzalez only two days after she won one gold and two silver medals in the Central American and Caribbean Games in Colombia.

At that time it seemed to be a very far-away ambitious purpose, but she scheduled a goal herself. On Saturday, March 31, 2007 she won the scratch race at the Cycling World Campionship in Palma de Mayorca, Spain.


Cuba: Best Performance at World Cycling Championship

This is the first world title ever won by a Sancti Spiritus-born female rider and the second woman to do so in Cuba since Yoanka Gonzalez victory three years ago.

The Cuban athlete now hopes to win the Panamerican Games in Brasil this year and then to classify for the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008, where she plans to win a medal before retirement.

Source: By Elsa Ramos Rivero, Escambray

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