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Around these days one of our great actresses celebrates her birthday. Xiomara Palacio is that kind woman who receives the congratulations of her colleagues and admirers, of all those who have applauded her in the scene.

Student of the great Adela Escartín, Palacio won a Scholarship in the Municipal School of Dramatic Arts where she was pupil of Mario German Rodríguez. In year 1963 she participates, next to the Camejo brothers, in the foundation of the National Puppet Theater, group with which she premiered over a hundred shows and with which she traveled all over the world. Since year 2002 she works with Pálpito Theater, group with which mounted Con ropa de domingo (On Sundays Best), play that won her many applauses.

Xiomaras versatility allows her to make marionettes theater for children and theater adults, working with La Luna Theater in The Wedding, of Virgilo Piñera; with Carlos Díaz in The Crazy of Chaillot; with Osvaldo Doimeadiós in The Divine Currency. Grace, intelligence, good memory, professionalism and a great respect for her workmates and the public define her performing career.

She is a restless woman whom can be seen paying constant attention to theatrical premieres, of the last released Cuban movie, reading a novel recently published, that is, following closely the cultural life.

Xiomara has received several awards throughout her career: Raúl Gómez García Order, the Distinction for National Culture and the Alejo Carpentier Medal. To this is added an extensive list of prizes in festivals and competitions in Cuba and around the world.

Around these days Xiomara works in two projects with the Humor Promoting Center. One of them was recently presented in Mella Theater, directed by Kike Quiñones. The other one is undergoing montage and its directed by Juan Carlos Cremata. In both shows, the actress shares the stage with Osvaldo Doimeadiós, one of her great friends.

Source: Cubarte

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