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Writers from about 50 countries will gather here between the 28th of this month and the 2nd of June to celebrate the African and Caribbean poetry, request the stop of the Iraq war and ask for the preservation of nature.

In the 12th International Poetry Festival (FIP, after its initials in Spanish) will prevail the lectures and debates of the works of the Cuban Nicolás Guillén, the Martinican Aimé Césaire, the Haitian Jacques Roumain and the Senegalese Leopold Sédar
Senghor, confirmed sources of the organizing committee.

The invited intellectuals will, as in previous occasions, make public lectures of their poems in different parks, institutions and squares of the capital as well as in other 29 Cuban cities. They will also impart seminaries and will gather together in the 3rd World Meeting of Poets for Peace, in Defense of Humanity and for the Preservation of the Planet.

To Africa will be dedicated a cinema festival and the exhibition ¨Africa in the heart¨, apart from the presentation of a dictionary of African poets from the ancient ages until our dates. The dictionary has over 3,500 names of letter people of that continent.

The FIP will be organized by the National Union of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC, after its Spanish initials), the Office of the Historian of the City, the National Cuban Commission of UNESCO, the Charity Society of Andalucia and the Cultural Center Dulce María Loynaz.

The Project was born last decade by the initiative of the Cultural Project Sur, a no profit organization, founded in Montreal Canada; in 1985; with the purpose of maintain an alternative circuit for the information, culture and plastic arts for the creators of the south of the planet. The project, that since 1994 has an office in Cuba, has representations in Spain, Portugal, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Palestine and Austria, among other countries.

Poets of the size of the Brazilian Thiago de Mello, the Nicaraguan Ernesto Cardenal and the Russian Evgueni Evtushenko have taken part in previous editions.

Source Cubarte

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