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Havana Club

The distributor of the best known Cuban rum, Havana Club International, announced it will close the year with sales at three million cases.

Sales Manager Manuel Arias says the rum is especially popular in Italy, Spain and France, as well as in Asia and Canada, with expansion now to 80 countries.

Domestic sales also grew more than 30 percent compared to 2005, and expectations are to end the year with 850,000 sold cases, which also include 12 and 17 ounce plastic containers.

Arias reports Añejo Blanco is in greater demand to mix the cocktails Cuba's Bartender Association promotes in international contests and in hotels, restaurants and bars.

Havana Club boasts a wide range of brands consisting of Añejo Blanco, 3 Años, Añejo Reserva, Añejo Especial, 7 Años, Cuban Barrel Proof, 15 Años and San Cristobal.

Created in 1878, rum is Cuba's leading liquor, always mixing well with cigars and coffee.

Source: Prensa Latina

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