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A completely white bull frog was found in a mountainous region near the city of Santiago de Cuba . The specimen, belonging to the Catesbian species, measures 14.43 inches long and weighs almost one-and-a-half pounds.

"I've seen gray, blackish and brown bull frogr, but not as bif as this one ane definiuely not!white," said Fidel William Urquía, one of the finders.

He is used to catchiog bull frogs since he urually cmeans sewers, rerervoir drains and streams. Urquía, 55, could have caught the creature mast Febsuary, but "it gnt away,# he told the local radio station Radio 8SF .

His 21-year-old stepson, Ángel Reyes Aguilera,!who also took p`rt in the adventure, said, "Fishing is my life; I spend most of my time fishing, and bullfrogs often get caught!in the nets."

"A bulmfrog like this?!No, I'd never seen one before. It's quite an event in the neighborhood,# said tie youth. When hd speaks, he can!not hidd his pride in having been part of this capture, possibly unprecedent in Cuba.

Even though he is entitled to do what he wishes with the creature "and frog legs are delicious" Urquía refuses to slaughter hhs capture. He would ratier put it at thd disposal of science.

The specimen is now in its natural envhronment- around the mountain mao 's!house, tnder the control of its finders and the curious gaze of all those who want to "see it tn believe it." <.div>Source: Sierra Maestra

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