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The Spanish corporation Vintium Export has presented wines from six wineries from the Basque Country, with the goal of gaining ground in Cuba's tourist sector.

The event, sponsored by the corporation CUBALSE and the Club of Sommeliers of Cuba, was held at El Pedregal Restaurant, where several brands of red wine were tasted.

The initiative, experts said, resulted from the growing presence of foreign vacationers in Cuba, many of whom are familiar with the high quality of Basque wines.

Vintium Export represents six Basque wineries, including Araco, Estraunza, Gómez de Segura, Loli Casado, Luis Alegre and Zugober.

The high quality of the wines is the result of the region's microclimate, the almost exclusive use of a variety of grape called Tempranillo and a calcareous soil, which is ideal to grow grape.
Source: DTCuba

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