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  • 06 / 02 / 2007

US NBC news show to broadcast from Cuba
The US NBC television network said Thursday it got Havana's permission after 18 months of talks to broadcast its popular "Today" news morning show from Cuba.

"It's always timely to go to Cuba. There's always news there," said Jim Bell, executive producer of the news program starring Matt Lauer.

He said the special show from Cuba would air on Tuesday.

The "Today" broadcast will include reports on present-day Cuba, its political future and how the 40-plus-year US economic embargo has impacted the island.

Despite its attempts, Bell said, NBC was unable to get an interview with ailing President Fidel Castro or his brother, Raul, who has been running Cuba provisionally since his brother underwent gastrointestinal surgery in July of last year.

Source: CaribbeanNetNews

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