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Pinar del Rio Caverns

Cuba's westernmost province, Pinar del Río, has one of the largest cavern systems in the Caribbean Island.

The province's underground wealth attracts both tourists and experts and the latter carry out periodical studies on the region's caverns.

The Cuban Minister of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) promotes information campaigns about the characteristics, values and threats of one of the most fragile and vulnerable environments on earth.

Speleologists, geographers and other experts are working in conjunction with educational centers and the community to protect the local environment.

Nature enthusiasts are also interested in Pinar del Río's caverns, 17,000-48,000 meters of which have been explored in Sistema Palmarito, Gran Caverna Santo Tomás, Los Perdidos, Majaguas-Canteras and Gran Caverna Fuentes.

Source: DTCuba

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