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Adalberto Alvarez

The Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematographic Industry (ICAIC) will make a documentary on Adalberto Álvarez, one of the most distinguished composers side-by-side Juan Formell.

Under the direction of notable movie maker Lourdes de los Santos (author of Alicia, la danza siempre), the documentary chronicles Álvarez work and life from his birth date Nov 22, 1948 in Havana until now.

Settings used in the filming; Camagüey, Santiago de Cuba, Granma and Havana are closely related to the musicians life and work.

It features interesting sequences of his childhood, early musical interest, relation with neighborhoods friends, relatives and his mother Rosa Zayas.

Also important is the period, when he created Orchestra Son 14 in 1978; contacts with Venezuelan son placer Oscar D'León and anecdotes about first releasing A Bayamo en coche, theme that propelled him into the international musical circle.

Lourdes de los Santos (Havana, 1955) ICAIC's researcher and direction assistant of big names like Humberto Solás, Manuel Octavio Gómez and Luis Felipe Bernaza.

In her filmography documentary Ivette outstands for giving testimonies of a mothers effort to impede her little girl does not forget her father is jailed in the United States since 1998 together with other four comrades for fighting against terrorism.

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