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With easy victory for abandonment in the second round against the local Albert Gonzalez, the twice Olympic and World champion Guillermo Rigondeaux increased to 99 the figure of victories in a row on quadrilaterals of the world.

The pugilist from Santiago de Cuba gave an outstanding demonstration of good boxing to a rookie in this world of boxing, to the point that judges decided to finish the fight.

Rigondeauxs ample result of victories began in year 2003, after losing in a tight decision 16-13 against the Azeri Agassi Mammedov in the world competition with venue in Bangkok, Thailand.

Ever since the boys arm has been lifted by the referee in the ring, but the amazing feature of his exceptional work in the 54 kg division is that since 1997 until today, that is, exactly a decade ago that was the only defeat in a total of 242 fights.

The world winner Andry Laffita lost to the Venezuelan Eduard Bermúdez in a fight of the 48 kg division and ran off with the silver medal minutes before the tremendous success of the Cuban pugilist.

Other two Cuban pugilists, Luis Enrique Garcia, 75 kg and the heavy-weight Michel Lopez also won their gold medals against Venezuelan fighters. The final day of boxing finished with three titles and a silver medal in the II Sport Games of ALBA.

48 Kg.
Eduard Bermúdez (Venezuela B) ganó por 28-10 a Andry Lafita (Cuba)

51 Kg.
Alexander Guarecuco (Venezuela A) por 30-19 a Víctor Betancourt (Venezuela C)

54 Kg.
Guillermo Rigondeaux (Cuba) por abandono a Albert González (Venezuela C)

57 Kg.
Franklin Manzanilla (Venezuela A) por 16-14 a Angel Rodríguez (Venezuela B)

60 Kg.
Lisandro Bolívar (Venezuela A) por 14-7 a Kenin Betancourt (Venezuela C)

64 Kg.
Johnny Sánchez (Venezuela A) por abandono a Rafael González (Venezuela C)

69 Kg.
Jean Carlos Prada (Venezuela A) por 35-20 a Omar Moreno (Venezuela B)

75 Kg.
Luis Enrique García (Cuba) por 21-18 a Alfonso Blanco (Venezuela A)

81 Kg.
Luis González (Venezuela A) por no presentación de Eleider Álvarez (Colombia)

91 Kg.
Edgar Muñoz (Venezuela B) por 10-9 a José Payares (Venezuela A)

Más de 91 Kg.
Michel López (Cuba) por abandono a Johnny Molina (Venezuela A)

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