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  • 10 / 29 / 2006

Youth in voluntary work in Cuba
Ana Cecilia is a 17-year-old student who lives in Cuba's eastern province of Las Tunas. Last week, she received the card that proves that she is a member of the Federation of Intermediate Students (FEEM).

She is one of the 8,000 youths who have newly joined in the FEEM in that province, where the organization has more than 31,000 members. They study in senior high schools, vocational schools, and the recently created Continuing Education Courses for Young People"a form of study intended to reincorporate back into education thousands of youths, who for various reasons were unable to complete their courses.

This student organization gives the youths an opportunity to discuss their problems, raise their general awareness and promote socially desirable attitudes, as well as receiving a political and ideological education.


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