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Cuban ballet
More than 200 artists, teachers and students from across Latin America and Europe will attend the event, said organizing committee president Ramona de Saa in a press conference.

Plisetski "who joined up the Cuban National Ballet during the 60s and was partner of both Alicia Alonso and the internationally famous dance group "The Four Jewels"" will give lectures, while Fontano will present a workshop about his experiences.

The first national contest for dancing and circus students is also a part of the events activities.

The competition will take place in the Garcia Lorca Hall of the Great Theatre of Havana. It will group medial level students in the specialties of ballet, modern dance, musical spectacles, circus and folklore.

"The main objective of this contest is to bring together the various dancing and circus expressions to compare them and view the work of all the specialties" said Ramona de Saa.

"International ballet artists are increasingly younger, thats why our teaching is well designed. Talented artists from the Cuban National Ballet, Camagueys, Santiagos and other dancing groups prove it" said the professor speaking with the Granma newspaper.

"These events are helpful because they allow us to find out about the world of dance and to see the changes, those we can and cant accept, since we have to maintain our dancers way of dancing" said Fernando Alonso, the president of the jury.

Source: Cubarte

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