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Cuban percussion
Omar Vázquez
Another of the evenings attraction were performances by Barrara and Retazos, from the Tambores de Cuba project headed by Rodolfo Chacon, showcasing signer Ariel Monterresi, with the song La rumba me está llamando (The rumba is calling me).

Obbini Batas performance of Benny Mores Rumberos de ayer (Yesterdays Rumberos) starring young Japanese salsa sensation Yoko was a delightful rendition. Yoko also took turns playing the entire set of percussion instruments to fully win over the public that filled Central Havanas emblematic Teatro America. The rich culture of Haitian drumming was also featured with Bacon Sandi and the song Paula magueye.

Throughout this years drum festival, the future of Cuban percussion was fully evident with that irresistible mixture of a solid formal training and the rich cultural experience handed down through generations on the island.

The Guillermo Barreto in Memoriam Drum Festival is held each year by one of Cubas most prominent percussionists, arranger-composer and Klimax bandleader Giraldo Piloto, who helped change the face of Cuban music forever as one of the original members of Jose Luis Cortes NG La Banda.

Source: Granma

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