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The Cuban Village of Sancti Spiritus celebrated 493 years
The Cuban central city of Sancti Spiritus, founded by Spaniard Diego Velazquez in 1514 celebrated its 493 anniversary last June 4th.

This city, located about 350 kilometers away from Havana, was first inhabited by aboriginals who dedicated themselves to cultivate the land and to practice the art of pottery.

It was first established next to the Tuinucu river "with only 36 inhabitants", but eight years afterwards it was finally settled on the banks of the Yayabo river.

June 4th marks the foundation of the city to honor the day in which Friar Bartolome de las Casas , during a Pentecostal celebration , criticized the injustices of the colonizers against the Cuban natives .

In relation to this event, Cuban Doctor Hortensia Pichardo said that: "The village of Sancti Spiritus was the first territory in the island where a voice was raised in favor of the liberty of the natives, a fact that despite having been condemned by many, was supported by many others and attracted the attention of the monarchs and the Council of Indias towards the indigenous' situation".

Source: By Mayra Pardillo Gómez, Cubarte

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