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Caribbean tourism, an industry in constant expansion, considered today that sustainability in development is a shield to protect a vital resource to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.

This is the reality explained in an interview with Prensa Latina of Mareba Scott, specialist of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO).

"We insist that all initiatives actions should be sustainable, the expert said, when pointing out that this is the final objective of this institution that, as of next Sunday, will hold the XXIX annual meeting.

She recalled that most people who visit this destination attracted by the seas and beaches, among other offers, make it necessary to protect those resources now and in the future, she added.

About this issue the expert added in another message of her organization distributed constantly with greater force. We are trying to reduce the philosophy to increase the number of visitors, since that doesn"t imply greater benefits.

There can be more arrival of tourists but if their stay and expenses are less, the resources of the destinations are exploited more at the expense of sustainability, she stressed.

According to official figures, the Caribbean received close to 23 million visitors last year, 3.4 percent more than in 2004 while costs per vacationers amounted to 23 billion dollars.

Consequently, she pointed out, that there is a growing awareness in this region regarding this necessity and explained that sustainable tourism should not be seen as a market niche but an objective that contributes to improve the life of its peoples.

Source: Prensa Latina

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