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The enterprise of Flora and Fauna of Ciego de Avila province, together with other institutions are carrying out a study of endemic species and those in risk of extintion to help in their conservation.

The probe begun three years ago, is being carried out in keys Ana Maria, south of the Cuban archipelago, to facilitate a controled management of that protected area of national interest.

Oriol López, director of Ana María keys, explained that the investigation helps to monitor the geographical distribution of animals, their state of health and make a population count of pink flamingos, pelikans, hutias, coruas, birds and ducks.

They are also monitoring tour types of chelonia, threatened and sought after in the world, mostly the carey which lays its eggs, about 90-120 at one time in islets with sand and vegetation.

The Ana Maria keys, with 119 thousand hectares spread over 40 islets in formation covered with mangles, is the habitat of animals using the Ciego de Avila corridor in different seasons of the year.

Source: Prensa Latina

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