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  • 05 / 27 / 2007

Inundación Camaguey

Intense rains fallen in the last hours in the northeastern city of Banes and eastern city of Camaguey provoked serious damage in dwellings, but there was no report of human losses.

A pluviometer in the zone marked the total of 127 milimeters in three hours between 12:30 after midnight and 3:30 AM Saturday, and the Banes River raised the level of its waters up to six meters.

People living in lower zones were the most affected since the waters swept several dwellings, and the Municipal Council of Defense mobilized the necessary resources to help the affected families.

In Camaguey, the Hatibonico River also increased the level of its waters and the Municipal Council of Defense adopted the necessary measures to preserve human lives and resources.

Reports from the National Hydraulic Resources said more than 200 milimeters fell in an area of 25 miles.

Source: Prensa Latina

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