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José Martí

A sculpture of Cuban National Hero Jose Marti will be built in Mujeres Island, Mexican state of QuintanaRoo, said the municipal government of the islandSunday.

The announcement by local authorities appeared in the digital version of newspaper Quequi, in Mujeres Island.

The source said Marti's sculpture is soon to be concluded in Havana, Cuba, by artist Herminio de laCruz, as part of the cultural exchange between both nations, in the brotherhood of Mujeres Island and Old Havana.

The work will be placed in place still withoutdefinition, next to the famous tourist resort of Cancun, waiting to be sent from Havana next month.

Chronicle writer Fidel Villanueva commented on the tribute to the Cuban National Hero, who went to Mujeres Island in 1877 and dedicated thoughts to this Mexican island.

Source: Cubarte

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