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Havana Club
The provincial court of Madrid, the Spanish capital, rejected Bacardi's claims over the property of the Havana Club Rum. A Havana Club International Incorporated enterprise report says that the Spanish institution ruled against a suit filed by the famous Bacardi rum company over the property of the Havana Club brand in Spain.

The court said that Barcardi's arguments were groundless, taking into consideration that the Havana club brand had never been used by the previous owner and neither was it renewed when the deadline to do it expired.

In addition, the Spanish institution admitted that the Havana Club brand's prestige is based on the efforts and investments by the Havana Club International Incorporated enterprise, adding that Barcardi's objective was to undermine the success of a competitor on the market.
Finally, the tribunal considered that the sale of a rum named Havana that was not produced in Cuba consituted a cheat to consumers.
Source: Radio Habana Cuba

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