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Photo-voltaic cell panels
The use of solar power is gaining momentum in the eastern Cuban province of Las Tunas. Currently some 6,330 tons of oil are been saved there thanks the use of the alternative source of energy.

Using photo-voltaic cell panels, 163 schools and 241 television rooms, located in remote areas of the province, receive electricity

Solar power is also being used in family doctor's offices in rural areas, as well as agro-ecological and livestock farms.

Specialists from the Ministry of Science, Technology, and the Environment (CITMA) in Las Tunas, told the Cuban News service that now some 600 hectares of pasture are fenced with wire electrified with solar power.

A similar technique will be implemented in 114 km of fences, which are currently under construction.

According to engineer Manuel Diaz Pinon, a local CITMA official, the pumping of water, using photo-voltaic panels, to 17 rural communities will begin there soon.

Considering the shortage, high cost, and polluting effects of fossil fuels, Cuba is increasingly promoting the use of renewable sources of energy such as wind, biomaterials, solar power, and ocean currents.

In contrast, the US government is urging poor countries to produce ethanol from food such as corn, soy beans, and sugarcane to supply fuel for the richer nations.

Source: Periodico26

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