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  • 06 / 16 / 2007

Social Workers fostered at Banes, Holguin

Mankind efforts double nowadays in Banes municipality after serious damages caused by intense rains. This territory belonging to northeastern Holguin province was affected by unseen-before heavy rains that caused housing damages and private property losses.

Local inhabitants and authorities work together to build houses for the victims while solidarity prevails with the gathering of several goods to offer the affected persons together with the official programs and favors.

After the heavy rain a large fire destroyed seven houses on one of the town's main streets affecting around thirty people. These buildings will be rebuild with a fresh and comfortable new style by three brigades that are already created.

Miguel Diaz Canel Bermudez, member of the PCC Politburo and its first secretary in Holguin, recently toured this town to assess the work carried out. He also talked to folks on the streets about their view on how to repair damages as soon as possible.


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