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  • 11 / 13 / 2006

Plan Turquino
Cuban leaders highlighted how neighbors from the country's mountain zones enjoy incredible and unique levels of social development in the world, after the establishment of the People's Power bodies.

More than 100 officials from several organizations carried out a public hearing on Government and democracy in the mountain ranges, in the eastern Granma municipality of Guisa.

Plan Turquino's National Commission secretary Lazaro Vazquez said this government program, whose aim is the sustainable development at hills, stopped people emigres, which in 2005 were almost 732,500 mountain persons, some 57,000 above of the precedent figure.

"Some 94 percent of families from those areas consume drinking water, 81 percent are receiving power service, and over 1,000 generators were placed in priority spots," said the official.

Vazquez stated that there are 1,468 family doctor's offices, 936 cultural promoters and 912 art teachers, as well as 41 hospitals, hundreds of entertainment places, and all-level schools, included 53 municipal universities.

Source: Prensa Latina

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