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Singer Danny Rivera confirms participation in Cucalambeana Folkloric Party
The presence of the Puerto Rican singer, Danny Rivera, for second time in this Cuban eastern province of Las Tunas, will be one of the attractions of the Cucalambeana Folkloric Party, Iberian-American festivity that will begin the next June 25th and will run until July 1st, the 178th birthday anniversary of Juan Cristobal Napoles Fajardo (El Cucalambe), maximum inspiring of the event.

Danny Rivera, who founded in the Havana together with his colleague Pablo Marcano, the International office on Plastic arts and Music, will bring to the rural party of Las Tunas 10 students from that institution, who at the same time, come of several countries, included Argentina and Ecuador.

In this 24th edition there will be guests from Puerto Rico, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Netherlands Antilles, Dominican Republic, Spain, included Canary Islands, Panama, and Peru, besides representatives from Italy, Germany and Austria.

The Cucalambeana Folkloric Party of Las Tunas is an inspiring event that joins to all the Iberian-American nations, heirs of the ten-line stanza by Vicente Espinel, enriched now by the culture of Latin America.

Las Tunas contribute to this party with the Cuban proper manners, games, foods, and cultural traditions, among the rural songs, the oral poetry competitions, and many other attractive aspects every year.

The event includes a wide program of activities, such as the opening of 10 galleries of the plastic arts, some retrospective of the day and of other Cuban and foreign artists, as well as literary events and artistic shows in charge of Villa Clara province. Besides an international night, the gala for the election of the girl "Flower from Virama", and the homage to Pepe Ramirez, one of the founders of the Cucalambeana Folkloric Party.

Source: By Norma A. Vargas León, Tiempo 21

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