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Sexto Sentido

Sexto Sentido will launch their first CD, Mi Feeling, during a concert on April 21st at Havanas Teatro Nacional. The concert, promoted by the Colibri record label and the National Council for Popular Music, is dedicated to "those who love and are loved, and who open up their feelings only expecting love in return."

Joining the five women of Sexto Sentido "Arlety Valdes, Yudelkis Lafuente, Eliene Castillo and Melvis Estevez" for the CD launch are musicians Jesus (Chucho) Valdes, Omara Portuondo and Jose Miguel Crego; composers Cesar Portillo de la Luz and Marta Valdes; and the CDs producer, Joaquin Betancourt.

The concert will feature stunning set designs and wardrobes, and hits spanning Sexto Sentidos first decade as a group.

The CD, already available in record outlets in Cuba, will be offered for sale in Cuban pesos. In a related press release, Dr. Rosaida Ochoa, director of the Provincial Centre for HIV/AIDS Protection, said that the group has been chosen to promote her agencys Young Women Campaign with the song Tu puedes (You can). Dr. Ochoa said the group has performed several benefit concerts and was chosen for their solidarity, awareness and popularity. She pointed out that they will help bring a socio-cultural aspect to the health focus of the campaign.

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