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The Cuban Film Institute will produce seven fiction features this year, Omar Gonzalez, president of the Institute, told the press.

Among titles to be premiered are Kangamba, by Rogelio Paris, which Gonzalez considers one of the most complex films made in Cuba since 2000, as well as El viajero Inmovil (Still Traveler), by Tomas Piard, and Te Espero en la Eternidad (I'll Wait for You in Eternity), by Enrique Pineda Barnet.

In addition the films Los Dioses Rotos (Broken Gods), by Ernesto Daranas, Regreso al Eden (Return to Eden), by Manuel Estudillo and La noche (The Night), by Arturo Sotto will also be shot.

Co-productions with countries of the region will also be produced such as Miranda and Por un Polvo, both with Venezuela, El camino a Santiago, with Argentina, and Teresa, with Peru.

On the whole, Gonzalez explained, nine new documentaries will be made and work is ongoing in a series on Cuban musicals.

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