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Santiago de Cuba's Cathedral

Santiago de Cuba, a villa founded by conqueror Diego Velázquez in 1522 celebrates its 485th anniversary of being granted the title of "City" as well as its designation as a dioceses as a Cathedral.

The origin of Santiagos temple dates back to 1515, when the first building was erected on the corner of Aguilera and Padre Pico streets. At that time it was named Santa Catalina and received the denomination of Cathedral.

Later it was rebuilt in an area overlooking the Plaza de Armas, currently Céspedes Park. However, the effect of earthquakes and hurricanes, along with the siege of corsairs and pirates, destroyed the religious edifice.

The first stone of the cathedral foundation, laid in 181o, is kept today as an historical object.

According to some researches, the cathedral guards the remains of the Spaniard conqueror, who had asked to be buried in the largest church of the villa he had founded.

The building architecture of such a beautiful ecliptic style shows luxurious decoration in its walls, ceilings and gates.

It exhibits a 330-inch-high painting of Saint Ecce Homo, considered the oldest such work in Cuba.

Source: By Marilyn Garbey, Cubasi

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