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Santiago de Cuba Carnival announced for July 21 to 27
The Carnival Organizing Committee made it public that Cuba's most internationally renowned popular celebration will be held in this city from July 21 to 27.

The Rumbón Santiaguero "meaning "Big Santiago Rumba", as the carnival is popularly called" is one of the emblematic celebrations on the island, especially of this southeastern city located almost 620 miles from Havana, the country's capital.

On July 3, the organizers of the festivity and the Provincial Arts Council will announce the winner of the traditional Carnival Poster Contest, in which graphic designers will participate.

Meanwhile, the customary carnival areas "including food and drink stands, as well as stages for music bands to perform" are already being set up on Trocha Avenue, the famous scene of the Rumbón Santiaguero.

Other streets and avenues, as well as dozens of sites and communities historically associated with the "Major Party" "another name for the Carnival" will also be decked out for the celebration. As usual, Garzón Avenue will be the site of the parades.

While companies and organizations make their contributions to the carnival, communities and neighborhoods of Santiago often participate in the Street Decoration Contest sponsored by the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR by its Spanish abbreviation), a national organization of block clubs. Residents decorate streets using their own resources hoping to win one of the three prizes, each of which consists of a carnival night in their neighborhood with performances by famous national artists.

Source: Cubarte

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