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Santiago Alvarez
A DVD with the best of the work of Cuban filmmaker Santiago Alvarez will be presented on March 8 at the International Documentary Film Festival, which bears his name, the organizing committee announced on Friday.

The tribute to Santiago, a founder of the Latin American ICAIC News Report, will include projection of his films "Mi Hermano Fidel," "Hasta la Victoria Siempre," "Hanoi," and "Estampida."

The festival will also highlight the contribution of special guest Argentine filmmaker Fernando Pino Solanas, and include a showing of his most recent work, "La dignidad de los nadies."

Theoretical sessions will discuss the impact of globalization on contemporary audiovisual culture, soundtrack in documentary films and the significance of this trend in the preservation of the historical memory of the people.

Thirty materials will compete for different awards, and another 40 will be exhibited in parallel, including one dedicated to the 20 years of the International Movie and Television School.

Source: CubaSi

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