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Salt production

Although 2006 has not yet concluded, the 330 workers of Puerto Padre Saltworks, located on the coast of the eastern Cuban province of Las Tunas, have proved that efficiency and cost effectiveness are attainable goals for a socialist company.

So far this year, the Las Tunas entity has turned out 90,000 tons of salt, thus exceeding their annual target by 12 percent.

This figure must not only be appreciated in numerical terms, but also from the perspective of the consumers in the provinces of Las Tunas, Holguin, and Pinar de Rio, who have steadily been provided with that essential product for human nutrition.

Given the difficulties that hurricanes usually bring for salt production on the island between June and November (which mark the hurricane season in Cuba), several measures were adopted to prevent the possible effects. These included the implementation of two eight-hour shifts throughout the week.

The repair of machinery was also a key to the increase of production results; the equipment was old and deteriorated by the corrosive effects of salt residue.

In addition to salt for human consumption, the Puerto Padre Saltworks also produces magnesium hydroxide for the production of cosmetics, and diverse types of salts, which are used in hospitals and industries such as the Bucanero beer factory in Holguin and the electro-chemical plant in Sagua la Grande in central Villa Clara province.


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