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Cuba confirmed in 2006 its leading position as Russia's chief tourist destination in Latin America and the Caribbean. Carlos Oscar Hernathendez, representative of Cuban Ministry of Tourism in Russia, said last year the island registered a growth of 34.5% (27,842 visitors) while some 30,000 tourists are expected to visit Cuba in 2007, reports PL news agency.

Hernandez pointed out that the average stay of Russian visitors in the island is 11 days. He added Cuba is working hard to improve these positive statistics despite the harsh competition from the Dominican Republic, Brazil and other countries in the region.

The Cuban official noted that Russian tour operators are paying a lot of attention to the island's potential as a tourist destination. As a result, there were four Cuba-Russia flights a week during seven months last year. Likewise, Hernandez said publicity played a decisive role in the field of tourism in 2006.

He highlighted the attendance at the International Meeting on Tourist Travel by a Cuban delegation made up of 23 specialists from different companies and led by first vice-Minister of Tourism, Alexis Trujillo.

Cuban representative of tourism in Russia also stressed the outstanding management of two Cuban travel agencies -Sol y son and Cubanacan- with branch offices in Moscow. He said that both agencies have extended their promotional work to former Soviet republics with very positive results.

Source: Radio Cadena Agramonte

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