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For fourteen years now, May begins in Holguin with the Romerias, a religious tradition that came to be an art festival sponsored by the Hermanos Saiz Young Artists Organization (AHS, in Spanish). A party of tradition and modernity flares up at the city turning it into the Cuban Capital for New Art.

The celebrations encompass dance, literature, history, and digital art events. There are also paintings exhibitions; a show of the best projects of the AHS of every province and the most representative of Cuban and international culture.

The close bonds between tradition and modernity make whole a bidding to get involved, to stay overnight like pilgrims protected by a cross and an axe, in unending days of rite and adventures. The event already the largest Cuban New Art Feast has also become an international celebration.

Just like the Romerias de Mayo reaches beyond the province borders, it should not neglect showing local projects widely, matching them to the foreign. Somehow this is another journey, no uniquely from tradition to modernity, but from singular to general.

The city sponsors and opens its streets every May to the most ecumenical culture, drawing neither frontiers nor age limits. The celebrations of the founding Friar return, re-founded with young breath and a commitment to modernity.


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