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Comandante Ramiro Valdés

Cubas Ministry of Computer Science and Communication is undertaking an ambitious program to facilitate the wider use of the Information and Communications Technologies (ITC) by the general public, government agencies and institutions, and student and youth organizations over the next three to next five years.

The plan was discussed by ITC chief Ramiro Valdes Menendez, who spoke to the press on Thursday in Havana after signing of an agreement between the computer ministry and Che Guevara Youth Center.

Center director Nurys Concepción Perdomo pointed out that « subject to the economic and financial capabilities of the country, a strategy has been designed which relies on cooperation with other nations of the world " particularly China, a nation with which very important government agreements are being signed».

"We are developing the 'informationalization of the country," she added, "not only in the field of the telephony, but also in the area of 'social connectivity and the Cuban intranet. Its a very ambitious plan, and not just for children and youth, but for all sectors of the society and the public as a whole."

The agreement signed on Thursday, heralds greater integration between the computer science ministry and the central youth center to reorganize and implement professional and vocational orientation and ITC training.

Source: By Agnerys Rodriguez Gavilán, Juventud Rebelde

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