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Positive impact on ecological reserve in Cuba
The ecological reserve of Limones-Tuabaquey has increased its population of several species of its fauna and is considered the best preserved area of the Cubitas mountain range in eastern Camaguey province.

The population of parrots, jutias, and majaes (Cuban snake-shaped reptile) has considerably increased in this area, one of the 30 protected sites in that province, also likely for illegal hunting and felling of trees.

The plan to protect nature focuses on two peculiar sites: the famous two-kilometer narrow gorge of Los Paredones, and the 80-meter deep Bonet hollow, whose extraordinary flora consists of 200 species, including giant ferns.

The Limones-Tuabaquey area treasures archaeological values; for example, four out of its seven caves where aboriginal pictography can be found are very likely to become UNESCO's world heritage sites.

Source: Radio Habana Cuba

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