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Fidel and Raúl Castro
An exhibition of photographs taken to Cuban leaders Fidel and Raul Castro was inaugurated in this capital, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Armed Revolutionary Forces (FAR) and birthday celebrations for the Cuban president.

"Homage," the exhibition's title, was opened to the public at the Jose Marti Memorial, with 58 photographs by several Cuban artists, according to the Sunday edition of Juventud Nacional paper.

Some of the images reflect moments of the guerrilla fight in the Maestra Mountain Range, showing Fidel Castro and his brother Raul along with other outstanding leaders at the time, such as Frank Pais and Celia Sanchez.

Photos taken in Giron during the mercenary US invasion in 1961, as well as others of the Cuban president with his counterparts of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, and Bolivia, Evo Morales are also included in the display.

A top level program of activities including the December 2 military parade, and festivities for the president's birthday will be held this week in Havana.

Source: Prensa Latina

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