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  • 11 / 21 / 2006

Centro Francisco Prat Puig
A week named "De Los Lirios a las Palmas Reales" (From the Lilies to the Royal Palms) paid homage to the outstanding Spanish professor Francisco Prat Puig, whose restoring contribution extended to the Caribbean country.

Born in 1906 in the locality of Los Lirios, in Barcelona, Prat arrived in Havana in 1939 and started working in the Santa María del Rosario Church. After that numerous historical places would come until his death in May 1997 in Santiago de Cuba.

The Castle of the Royal Force, in the Cuban capital, the Remedios' Parrochial Church, in the central region, the Matachín Fort and the house where Carlos Manuel de Céspedes was born, in the eastern cities of Baracoa and Bayamo, respectively, are among the main works he took part in.

In this city, where he was settled since 1948, he directed the reconstruction works of the Municipal City Council, the houses of Diego Velazquez and that of poet José María Heredia, as well as the San Pedro de la Roca Castle, declared World Heritage.

In his book "El Prebarroco en Cuba" (The Epoch Prior to the Baroque period in Cuba), he issued his theories on the Cuban colonial architecture. In addition, he achieved the doctorate in Art Sciences and was appointed Commendable Professor of the Eastern University thanks to his outstanding career.

With a vast career in archeology and restoration, he donated his valuable personal collections to institutions of the city. Besides the Art Center attached to the Curator's Office was named after him.

Source: Cubarte

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