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28th International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema
By Ignacio M. Doubrechatt

Something that has drawn much attention is in the competing film line-up at the 28th International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema is the fact theres only one female director candidate for a Coral in the Best fiction film category.

Precisely its Brazilian director Tata Amaral born in 1961 and already author of three movies; one of them the 90-minute-long feature length Antonia (2006), whose script was co-written with Roberto Moreira.

The other Coral winners are under Opera Prima category. Again regarding the Brazilian work, it gives an in-depth feminine look at an activity strongly dominated by men.

Tata Amaral attends the Festival with her third film, Antonia, and her filmography of videos and short-length films.

20 years ago, she co-directed her first fiction film with Francisco Cesar Filho.

Later she worked as both direction assistant of at least a hundred ad films screened in
Brazil and Europe and as script writer of experimental documentaries as the one she teamed with Jean-Claude Bernardet on art vanguard in her country.

Finally in 1997 she first directed alone the fiction Un cielo de estrellas, multi-awarded at several Latin American Festivals. 3 years later, a second film A través de la ventana appeared in 2000.

Tata Amaral assumes her feminine role in a World subject to sexist education and the womans fight for gaining respect and self-esteem seeking to foster her fate as her cinematographic speech roughly tackles.

Starring by Negra Li, Leila Moreno, Quelynah and Cindy the film tells the story of tour young ladies living in the hope music changes drastically their lives helping them to overcome marginalization and violence around. This is Tata Amaral's Antonia competing for a Coral.

Source: CubaSi

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