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Uruguay Sugar Mill with greatest investment of the decade

The Uruguay sugar mill is more than 85 percent of its program of reparation for the next harvest and workers are engaged in completing the largest investment program for the last ten years and its program is to keeep its grounding trend. Read More

Summit on Food Security in Rome

Cuba is participating in a United Nations Summit on Food Security that began today in Rome, Italy. The Caribbean delegation.<br /> Read More

Pakistan, Cuba sign an agreement to establish joint commission

Pakistan and Cuba signed an agreement in Islamabad on Sunday for the establishment of a joint commission for the promotion of cooperation in economic, commercial, technical, scientific and other related fields between the two countries. Read More

Cuba and the USA towards a working project to protect a shared marine ecosystem

Biodiversity in the Gulf of Mexico can be protected with this environmental project that includes endangered species like The sharks, sea turtles and other miscellaneous underwater creatures needing special care however the U.S. trade embargo against <br /> <br /> Cuba, could cause handycaps. Read More

Cuba carefully follows hurricane Ida's track

Hurricane Ida touched down in southeastern Nicaragua on Thursday morning and the Cuban Meteorological Institute is closely tracking the storm which could bring rains to western Cuba.<br /> Read More

Seasonal Flu Vaccine for the Cubans

<span>Margaret Chan, the World Health Organization General Director announced the contribution during a recent visit to Cuba. The vaccine fights four of the six viruses now affecting Cuba, however it does not fight Influenza H1N1. </span> Read More

Cuba and China Build Up their Cooperation Biotechnology

<div align="justify"> During the ceremony held on Monday in Beijing, the two parties, represented by Ricardo Cabrisas, vice-president of the Cuban Council of Ministers, and Zhang Ping, president of China’s National Commission for Development and Reform, expressed their willingness to deepen and expand cooperation in spheres of mutual interest. </div> Read More

The Securities and Exchange Commission Worried about PCs with Celeron Chip in Cuba

<div align="justify"> The Securities and Exchange Commission is worried because Cuba possesses PCs with Celeron processors. As this processor is one of the lowest in the market and was obtained through a third country and the PCs were assembled in Cuba, one wonders what the SEC is worried about. </div> Read More

Opportunities in Cuba Telecommunications Market

<div align="justify"> Despite economic difficulties, Cuba it is clearly a market with a lot of potential; a fact recognised by Latin America’s largest telecoms operator, Spain’s Telefónica.<br /> </div> Read More

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