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Cubas waterbirds book available

A new book aimed at raising awareness of the cultural and intrinsic value of Cuban wetlands is available Read More

Cuba offers assistance to build Biotechnology Center in Vietnam

Cuba will help design and build a biotechnology center in Vietnam and train its staff Read More

Technology benefits agriculture in eastern Cuba

Experts in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba are introducing new technologies in agriculture to increase production. Read More

Vietnam, Cuba talk biotechnology

Cuba held talks with Vietnam stressing exchange beyond agriculture, livestock and constructions to bilateral cooperation in biotechnology. Read More

Cuba, hot destination for IT outsourcing

The IT revolution taking place in Cuba is positioning the country as an attractive outsourcing option for Canadian companies Read More

Cuba Introduces New ANGIODIN PD-3000

Cuba introduced a new medical device in its national health system Read More

Cubas Science Institutes: a bastion of humanity and peace

Cuba is the only country in the underdeveloped world that carries out technology transfers to highly industrialized nations Read More

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