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"Humberto Solas" Low-Budget Film Festival Opens in Gibara, Holguin Province

The "Humberto Solas" International Low-Budget Film Festival opens Monday at the eastern coastal city of Gibara Read More

New center to assist HIV/AIDS patients in Cuba

<div> The new center will track the patients from the six eastern Cuban provinces of Camaguey, Las Tunas, Holguin, Granma, Guantanamo and Santiago de Cuba. </div> Read More

Recent diggins revealed that Holguin is Much Older than Supposed

<div> The diggings allowed isolating ceramic of Spanish and Mexican origin, classified by the Cabinet of Archaeology of the Office of the Havana City Historian as from a period between 1540 and 1650 </div> Read More

Congress on Health and Quality of Life Ends in Eastern Cuba

With practices linked with the increase of the people’s quality of life will end today the third International Congress on Health and Quality of Life in the town of Mir, 40 kilometers southwest of Holguin city. Read More

Toxoplasmosis diagnose kit developed in Holguín, Cuba

The kit to diagnose toxoplasmosis in humans developed in Holguin uses singular antibodies, fluorescent markers, and antigens as its main diagnostic resources. Read More

Cuban province of Holguin will host the 3rd International Congress on Health and Quality of Life

The Cuban province of Holguin will host the 3rd International Congress on Health and Quality of Life from April 7 to 10 with the participation of more than 200 delegates from Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Guatemala and Cuba. Read More

New Building Works for Education in Holguín, Cuba

&quot;The province of Holguin is undertaking the construction of some eleven educational centres included in the Special Plan for School Construction 2009”, said Rolando Rojas Castro, head of the Investment Department in the Education Ministry in the province. Read More

Province of Cuba Introduces CO2 Laser Surgery

Doctors at the Vladimir Ilich Lenin hospital in the eastern province of Holguin have begun to perform CO2 laser surgery as another therapeutic option in the specialties of Dermatology, Orthopaedics and Proctology, with the treatment on the first five patients operated. Read More

In Cuba: Holguin Hospital Implements New Investment Program

Nearing its 44th Anniversary, the Vladimir Ilich Lenin Hospital in eastern Holguin province is carrying out a wide program of investment supported by several entities in the province and the maintenance brigade of this medical institution. Read More

In Cuba: Holguin Province Advances in Kidney transplants

Doctors from Holguin have performed 407 kidney transplants since 1996 to date and achieved 83.3 per cent survival of patients, ranking this eastern province among the first of the country in this surgical procedure. Read More

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