Father Desperately Seeks to Get His Machete-Attack Survivor Son Out of Cuba: "Try Nicaragua"

Wednesday, May 29, 2024 by Isabella Rojas

Father Desperately Seeks to Get His Machete-Attack Survivor Son Out of Cuba: "Try Nicaragua"
Lester Domínguez Ortiz and his father Dennis Domínguez - Image by © Dennis Domínguez / Facebook

Lester Domínguez, a young man who has spent over a year in a wheelchair after a brutal machete attack in Holguín, has pleaded with his father to get him out of the country, citing the lack of necessary conditions in Cuba for his recovery.

Dennis, Lester's father, shared on his Facebook profile that he is currently trying to get his son admitted to Julito Díaz Hospital in Havana to begin therapy that could help him walk again.

"My son sees how everything is complicated by the power outages in Cuba and the lack of necessary resources for his recovery. He tells me the best way I can help him is by getting him out of the country," Dennis said.

"We have many relatives abroad, but we always end up asking for charity for his recovery. He tells me to try through Nicaragua. Let's see if I can fulfill his wish, even if it's the last thing I do," he emphasized.

This is not the first time Dennis has mentioned the possibility of taking his son out of Cuba, fearing that the young man might never fully recover due to the ongoing health crisis.

In early November, this determined father expressed his plan to take his son out of the country. "We hope he continues to improve so we can get him out, even if it's through Nicaragua. We need to continue his rehabilitation, which has been going on for eight months, and there are no resources in Cuba," he lamented.

Days later, Dennis announced he would attempt the journey from Nicaragua to the United States, as he did not see a clear path through the humanitarian visa process.

"The next step will be through Nicaragua, as the humanitarian visa process in the U.S. seems unclear and we can't just sit around doing nothing," he emphasized.

FAQs on Lester Domínguez's Situation and the Healthcare Crisis in Cuba

Given the critical situation faced by Lester Domínguez and the healthcare challenges in Cuba, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

Why is Lester Domínguez seeking to leave Cuba for his recovery?

Lester believes that the healthcare system in Cuba lacks the necessary resources and conditions for his recovery, especially due to frequent power outages and the overall crisis in the healthcare sector.

What steps is Dennis, Lester's father, taking to help his son?

Dennis is attempting to get Lester admitted to Julito Díaz Hospital in Havana for therapy and is also considering taking him to Nicaragua to eventually reach the United States for better medical care.

Is the journey from Nicaragua to the United States a viable option for Lester's recovery?

Dennis believes it might be their best option given the unclear process for obtaining a humanitarian visa in the U.S. However, this journey poses its own set of risks and challenges.

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