Cuban Passenger Loses Consciousness on Havana to Holguín Flight

Tuesday, June 4, 2024 by Isabella Sanchez

A young passenger on flight CU 972, traveling from Havana to the city of Holguín, lost consciousness during the journey and had to be assisted by a doctor who was on board the aircraft. A report from the local channel Radio Taíno, based in Holguín, detailed the incident that occurred on a Cubana de Aviación flight when Rocío Pérez, 20, passed out. "My blood pressure dropped due to fear of turbulence," she said.

The young woman's mother, Leticia Peña, recounted that the flight attendants were offering water service, and when she went to hand her daughter a glass, she noticed that she was unconscious. The flight attendants asked if there was a doctor or nurse on board who could provide first aid to Pérez.

María del Carmen Quinta, a doctor, explained that she quickly approached to assist the passenger, who apparently had a vagal reaction and low blood pressure. "We gave her a bit of salt because there was no coffee or anything else on board," she reported. She was also assisted by Tania Aguilera, a nurse who was also traveling on the aircraft and helped revive the woman.

Common Questions about In-Flight Medical Emergencies

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding medical emergencies that occur during flights, based on the recent incident involving a passenger on a flight from Havana to Holguín.

What should passengers do if someone loses consciousness on a flight?

Passengers should immediately notify the flight attendants and check if there is a medical professional on board who can assist. Flight attendants are trained to provide basic first aid and handle such situations.

What causes a passenger to lose consciousness during a flight?

There are several reasons why a passenger might lose consciousness, including low blood pressure, dehydration, anxiety, or a vagal reaction. Turbulence and fear of flying can also contribute to such incidents.

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