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Cuba commemorated the 185th anniversary of Beethoven 9th Premiere

Cuba commemorated the 185th anniversary of the world premiere of the Ninth Symphony of the German Romantic composer Ludwig Van Beethoven, one of the most transcendental works in classical music. Read More

Restores Historic Monument in the Cuban province of Holguin

Coastal restoration work is being carried out for the conservation of the heritage value of Cayo Bariay, a Historic Monument, in the Cuban province of Holguin.<br /> Read More

Romerías de Mayo in Holguin from May 2nd to 8th

The Festival will also include the usual spaces such as Babel, Raíces, la Fiesta de los abrazos, the space for Literature, music, and the Artisan Festival, organized this time in Expo Holguín, where there is also the thinking congress Memoria Nuestra. Read More

Cuba will build a new plant to produce Ferro Nickel at Las Camariocas, Holguin

Cuba has and continues to be a major supplier of both nickel and cobalt which are both found in the Cuban laterite deposits. Read More

Traveling Short Film Festival will arrive at Holguin in May

Over 60 films from various European countries will be screened during the “La camara azul” audiovisual space to take place at the “La Tres Lucia” café Read More

Diabetic ulcers will be treated with Heberprot-Pro at Primary Health Care in Cuba

This new Cuban drug, already included in the basic list of medicines in the country, is expected to be used shortly in Primary Health Care Read More

Cuba Reduces Hurricane Vulnerability for 2009 Season

Cuban President Raúl Castro headed a meeting of the National Defence Council to access response and recovery measures after last year’s Hurricanes Gustav, Ike and Paloma Read More

Mortality Rate will Decrease even more in Holguin, Cuba

A new technology for the diagnosis of Congenital Sicklemia, an ailment that deteriorates the patients’ quality of life and leads eventually to death, will soon operate at Holguín Provincial Center for Medical Genetics. Read More

In Holguin Comprehensive Investigation of the Cuban Family

The Alcides Pino policlinic located in the homonymous neighbourhood in Holguin city will join the national program of the comprehensive investigation of the Cuban family. Read More

The Seventh International Low-Budget Film Festival honored Titón

The film &quot;Titon, de la Habana a Guantanamera&quot; (Titon, from Havana to Guantanamera), was presented during the second day of the festival, in this small coastal town in Holguin. Read More

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